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Your success is our responsibility

Are you planning to set up a business, holding or brokerage / settlement structure in Estonia? Our professional team is ready to help with the organization of the process and become your partner!

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Project management

Planning and organization of the company's work process. Legal advice, Audit of the management system, assessment of efficiency, authorization of a license for financial activities.

Administrative services

Establishing a company, opening an office, an account in the EU. Organization of production and hiring employees. Organization of accounting, company website and full representation of interests

Crypto licensing

Electronic / smart contracts, online payments, cryptocurrencies, consumer protection in the EUnOpening a cryptocurrency company in EstonianObtaining a license to operate, control and ensure security

Our goals


Our vision is to provide valuable, practical compliance services to fin-tech companies by offering a full spectrum of asset management services to companies that are incorporated, or, considering to start-up in Estonia. Our ultimate goal is to help companies achieve complex compliance obligations under Estonian regulatory compliance requirements.

Actual solutions for business

Our advantages

Our comprehensive knowledge and experience in the regulatory environment, delivers dynamic, tailor-made solutions that are designed to ensure that companies are fully compliant with the law, alert, current and proactive. This has resulted in establishing over 100+ companies with financial service licenses.

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Main goals

Development of

Project execution and comprehensive assistance, including pre- and post-incorporation support services


Legal services Legal advicen


AML and KYC training for obtaining an Estonian financial licensenTraining related to the company's compliance with applicable lawsnSpecial compliance trainingn

Internal audit procedure and rules

AML Procedure, Code of Conduct for the Application of Customer Due Diligence Measures, Code of Conduct for Data Collection and Retention, Code of Conduct for Compliance with the Obligation to Notify and Report to Management, Internal Control Rules


Provision of an anti-money laundering officer

Main service of the company

Provision of a second director of the company / member of the Management Board


Finding a suitable office space for a companyn Assistance in opening a bank account and / or payment account finding a suitable office space for a companyn

Other services

Related to the management and activities of the client's subsidiary Estonian limited liability company

Fitting and filing licensing applications

Processing of the license application, including resolving all questions and queries raised by the regulatory authorities during the application process

Cryptocurrency services

Full administrative package of services.


Act as the main point of contact between regulators and clients


AML and KYC training for obtaining an Estonian financial licensenTraining related to the company's compliance with applicable lawsnSpecial compliance trainingn

How to start?

Working scheme


Step 1: Contact us for advice

Tell us about your goals and objectives, and we will submit the best offer for your consideration. Our preliminary consultation and detailed price offer are free


Step 2: We will take care of everything

We receive all the necessary information from you, prepare all the documentation and send it to you for approval.


Step 3: Starting a business in Estonia

We take care of the filing of all applications and organize any necessary corporate services. We will notify you when the process is complete and your company in Estonia is ready to go.


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