If you are planning to set up a business, holding or brokerage / settlement structure in Estonia,
then our professional team is ready to help with the organization of the process and become your partner!

We will help you set up a company, find an office according to your criteria, open accounts in the EU. We will help you organize production and hire professionals!
We also organize accounting, company website and full representation of your interests!

We will provide the service of the board / director. We will take on the opening of accounts and support of payments, communication with government agencies, obtaining licenses and permits, etc.

If you are interested, we are ready to start discussing the project!

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Our tasks are:

Development stages of setting up your business in Estonia

To find and recruit a person who has the necessary knowledge that fits the needs of the company
Full training of the candidate. The goal is to match the candidate with AML requirements and FIU conditions for such a position

Legal advice up to 4 hours in the first month after receiving the licenses

Audit of the risk management system of the obliged entity
The whole process would start with a practical assessment based on the client’s specifics
We evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s current rules of procedure, internal control rules and the client’s due diligence measures
We propose recommendations based on our audit in cooperation with the client
After the final evaluation, an updated version of the rules of procedures is prepared and handed over to the client

Financial activity licence authorization process
Inquiry review and agenda planning
This is free of charge.

The next steps are are priced at an hourly rate of 190 EUR

Initial evaluation
We will arrange a meeting with the client, identify your needs and plan an initial approach. 2-3 hours

Roadmap drafting
A step-by-step procedure with a timeline. 14-16 hours

Preparation phase

The preparation phase consists of:
1. Collecting all necessary documents
2. A KYC procedure
3, Payment account introduction
4. Company formation etc.

24-30 hours

Submitting of the application
After the final review and necessary fittings, we submit the application to the regulator with all necessary and proper documentation. 4-6 hours

Handling of the licensing application
Processing and compliance, dealing with all matters and queries raised by regulators during the application;

We also act as the main contact between the regulator and the client. 26-30 hours

Issuance of the licence and post-authorization support
We will continue to offer guidance while maintaining and providing required services. 4-6 hours

If you are interested, we are ready to start discussing the project!


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